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Pro Pro Community Licenses $14.99/year
Requires a Challonge Premier subscription. Premier includes one free Pro Community license, and each additional license is $14.99/year or $1.99/month. Check out our pricing here.
Dedicated Community Page
Host all tournaments, events, announcements, stats and more from one dedicated page on Challonge that can be personalized with a community banner and logo.
Yes (With display ads) Yes (No ads)
Host Unlimited Competitions
Organize a limitless number of events, tournaments, and/or contests all as your community to record outcomes and track statistics.
Community-specific Leaderboards
Automate the creation of Elo rating leaderboards among logged-in participants and showcase everyone's skill level among (and relative to) your specific community.
Invite Collaborators
Give others admin access to organize tournaments, events, contests, post announcements, report match scores, upload match attachments, manage participants and more.
Message All Collaborators In Communities
Communicate with all the Community Collaborators to report any issues, ask questions, and more.
Gain Followers
Grow a competitive following that will stay informed about future competitions and announcements.
Post Announcements
Publish and pin rich text and/or image-based announcements that will be emailed to all of your followers.
Community-Branded Social Sharing
Add a community logo with detailed information to promote your brand and competitions when sharing a tournament on social media.
Set Preferences & Details
Set the games your community plays, the preferred competition level, the location (even if online), and add social media links.
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